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Tue, 27 Dec 2016 11:08 - Updated Tue, 27 Dec 2016 11:08

Saurimo in the path to industrialisation

Saurimo - The installation of the new thermo-electric station in the municipality of Saurimo with the capacity to produce 19,6 megawatts might boost the industry in the capital of northeastern Lunda Sul province.

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By Emitódio Muarilo

Once installed the said thermo-electric station, Saurimo’s energy potential could rise to 31,1 megawatts, which would  enhance the functioning of existing factories like those in the business and industrial development estate.

The station that is expected installed in 2017 will comprise seven generators deployed in the site of  the current thermo-electric station, in Txicumina neighbourhood that has an 11,5 megawatts power.

The equipment, according to sources from Lunda Sul Energy and Water Department, is already in Angola, only awaiting installation.

Future Saurimo Industrial Estate

The increase in power will pave the way for the implementation of the Saurimo Industrial Development Estate,  which will occupy an area of one thousand hectares. The infrastructure is part of a total of

seven such projects to be built in the country,

through a China’s credit line.

According to Lunda Sul director of Geology, Mining

and Industry, Gildo Massua, the implementation of

the said project (construction of the infrastructure)    is temporarily affected by the economic and financial situation facing the country, but all is being done

for its accomplishment, as the site has been designated.

The official said that 25 entrepreneurs have already been certified to install factories to manufacture furniture, beer, mineral water, paints, soap and

other detergents, zinc sheets, pulp and fruit juice,

and other industries, adding that the Ministry of Industry has already designed policies to attract

local and foreign investors into the estate.

Gildo Massua also spoke of the installation of a

mini-dam on the Luachimo river dam, to add to the electricity that will be supplied to the future

industrial estate, stressing that, in the first phase,

the project will rely on generators.

He also informed that the province has currently 38 small plants considered of family subsistence,

namely bakeries, brick-making, sawmills and

mills, employing at least 400 young people.

Future business and industrial development estate

In addition to the future growth point, according to Gildo Massua, there will be the implementation of the a business undustrial development estate in the locality of Luary, in Saurimo municipality, that will cover an area of 40,000 hectares. The official added that the said estate that is meant to promote development

and competition is estimated to cost Usd 20 million.

He said the project will gain adequate infrastructure for the activity of small and medium size plants to process solid waste, electricity, telecommunication

and roads, totalling 80 stores and 64 warehouses.

“The project’s estate is temporarily stationary, due

to the economic crisis facing the country, but is in advanced stage, as the metallic structures have been installed, only awaiting the processing of solid

wastes, electricity, telecommunications and roads,”

he stressed.

Other projects in the sector

The official stated that an industrial sawmill for the processing of local timber and contributing to the development of Lunda Sul province will be built in

Dala municipality, some 160 kilometres south of Saurimo.

Gildo Massua explained that the sawmill is jointly  owned by locals and foreigners licensed to exploit timber in the region, and thus provide jobs and increase the production of timber in the province.

According to the official, another factor that is expected to boost the establishment of industrial sawmills in the region is the construction of the Tshihumbwe Dam to generate 12 megawatts.


It is expected that the establishment of the future industrial growth point under the Saurimo business development estate and of the industrial sawmill for the processing of timber significantly contributes to the economic development of the municipality and

provides jobs.

“The job opportunities that we will have after the implementation of these projects in our province

will be an incentive to the youths that will have to invest in entrepreneurship through small and

medium size businesses,” he stated.

The implementation of the above mentioned projects will stimulate and boost other sectors of the

economy with the power to generate revenues for the State and attract a larger number of investors into the province and promote tourism, hotels and fisheries, the official added.


A new thermo-electric station in Saurimo

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