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Sun, 27 May 2012 08:50 - Updated Sun, 27 May 2012 08:50

Economist tells SADC to follow EU model


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Luanda – The Angolan Economist, Carlos Rosado de Carvalho, Friday in Luanda suggested that the Southern Africa Ddevelopment Community (SADC) should adopt the model of functioning of the European Union with a view to a major and better regional integration as it is an experience of true success.

Speaking to Angop on the occasion of the May 25, Africa Day, Carlos Rosado who is also a journalist, said the European Union is now the world’s main economic bloc, with a history of success that gained relevance in 1958 with the creation of the defunct European Economic Community (EEC).

He recalled that before the EEC, there was the European coil and steel community and that the Europeans started the regional integration for fear of the war, so that the strengthening of the economic relations could prevent the continent from staring a new spiral of war among the member countries.

And this, he added, was done through trade and full regional integration.

Carlos Rosado also stated that after the economic integration, in order for  things to work, there must be a stronger political integration which, he admitted, is actually on the agenda.

“In all, that is an experience of success that we SADC should copy and I hope we will do,” he stressed.

However, he spoke of the need for a serious homework to be done first, taking into account that the future of Southern Africa requires a major regional integration, more trade and knowledge among the member states, for a protection from external interference.

“The experience of the European Union for Southern Africa and for the African continente , to me, should be adapted. We of late hear about Europe with some scepticism, because of the economic and financial crisis it recently went through, but the truth is that its regional integration is of success,” he stated.

According to the economist, the functioning of the very organisations is another important experience that must be copied, including the form of organisation.

He explained that the EU has an European Commission that is a kind of an European Government and a Parliament.

“SADC has organs more or less similar, only that things unfortunately do not work, often because of matters of financing. The EU works with its own resources. The member states make contributions, defined from the beginning and do not rely on donations,” he stated.

In the case of SADC, he went on, the contributions are actually defined, but there are states that delay they payment, which, according to the expert, affects the effective functioning of the organisation, where each party wants to do things separately.

He then appealed for major unity, collectivism and share of decisions and readiness of the states to leave some sovereignties aside.

“We in SADC have a miserable budget of Usd 35 million that is part of the contribution from member states. Most of our budget comes from internantional donations and an organisation that wants to be integrating of the various regional states can not rely on begging from other countries,” he mocked.

Carlos Rosado then called for a reflection and implementation of what has been planned, including the creation of the free trade zone and the establishment of a customs union.