Vice-President of the Republic


Bornito de Sousa is the son of Baltazar Diogo and Catarina Manuel Simão Bento.

He was born in Quéssua, Malanje province, on 23 July 1953.

Married with Maria José Rodrigues Ferreira Diogo, Bornito de Sousa is a jurist and father of four daughters. He started his political career as 1st national secretary of JMPA, the MPLA youth wing.

He later became an MP, having served as head of the MPLA Parliamentary Bench, head of the National Assembly’s External Relations Commission and of the Commission for Legal Affairs and Rules.

He also served as head of the National Assembly’s Constitutional Commission, that drafted the current Constitution of the Republic of Angola and deputy speaker of the ACP-UE Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

Appointed minister of Territory Administration in February 2010, he was reinstated  on 1st October 2012, following the general election the same year.

Bornito de Sousa is a lawyer and Political Science and Constitutional Law teacher.

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