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Angola ponders over trade plastic tax

Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:45 - Updated Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:45

National Waste Agency CEO, Sabino Ferraz. Photo: Lino Guimaraes

Luanda - Angolan government is considering creating a tax on production and import of plastic products, mainly bags and bottles, due to their impact on environment.

The information was released Wednesday to Angop by the chairman of the National Waste Agency (ANR), Sabino Ferraz.

Sabino Ferraz said the measure results from the high degree of pollution caused by these products, by obstructing drainage channels,  rainwater ditches and residual waters.

According to him, obstruction of drainage channels causes ponds, which become insect nurseries and other vectors of infectious diseases.

The initiative is also meant to boost the collection of these products across the country, through a campaign to raise awareness about the waste produced, its quality and final destination.

In Angola, the strategy to combat plastic pollution is part of the Strategic Plan for the Management of Urban Waste (PESGRU), approved by Presidential Decree No. 196/12 of August 30.

In Angola, offenders may face from 1 - 6 years jail term.

National Geographic data indicate over five trillion of plastic  parts float in the oceans.