Segunda, 30 de Novembro de 2020
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Oil spill affects Nzeto sea coast

Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:29 - Updated Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:28

Mbanza Kongo - The maritime coast of the municipality of Nzeto has been affected since last Monday by a deep-water oil spill in the province of Zaire, it was reported Wednesday in this town.

According to the municipal administrator, Augusto Tiago, the spill in the seas of the fishing village occurred in the vicinity of Block 32, a crude oil exploration platform in the province.

The nautical distance and the affected area were not advanced by the official, who said that steps had already been taken to ensure that the black oil stain did not reach the beaches of the town, in work carried out by the company responsible for Block 32, whose identity has not been revealed.

In his turn, the local director for the environment, Ketuzeiko Pinda, said that the authorities were working with the polluting company to assess the degree and consequences of the spill, and called on the fishermen not to go to sea at this time.