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Cuanza Sul: Coffee harvest campaign in country opens

Tue, 27 Jun 2017 09:44 - Updated Tue, 27 Jun 2017 09:56


Photo: Cortesia

Libolo - The national campaign for the 2016/2017 coffee harvest was opened on Monday at the Amélia Dala Uso farm in Libolo municipality in the central Cuanza Sul province by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marcos Nhunga.

On the occasion, the official defended the need to turn coffee in a product of profitability of coffee growers and, consequently, encouraged the increase of production levels.

According to him, coffee has improved its sale price in the international market, so it is important to increase the coffee production.

He appealed to coffee growers to increase production of Arabica, mabuba and amboim coffee.

The minister acknowledged the need to improve technical assistance, assembling of the peeling factory, promotion of the sale of the product, and rehabilitation of roads to facilitate its marketing.

He said that it was necessary to set up banking institutions in the coffee producing regions to facilitate access to credit and encourage production.

In a message from the farmers, read on the occasion, the producers asked the authorities for the rehabilitation of the roads so that the marketing of the field product is done more quickly.

They thanked the efforts made by the Ministry of Agriculture and the support of the provincial authorities in the process of relaunching coffee production in the region.

The coffee farmers also requested subsidized credits to relaunch production.

For the current agricultural year, it is expected to harvest at least 7,000 tons of commercial coffee in the country.