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Angola: Agricultural sector intends to increase cereal production at large scale

Mon, 09 Oct 2017 07:47 - Updated Mon, 09 Oct 2017 07:47

Luanda - The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry intends to increase at a large scale the production of maize, soybeans, rice and beans as from the present 2017/2018 campaign, officially starting on October 10 in Huambo province, aiming to leverage the agricultural sector in the country.

According to the director general of the Agricultural Development Institute (IDA), David Tunga, the scenario of agricultural production, over the next two years, will see improvements and achieve significant results, taking into account the low price of fertilizers, the betterment of fertilizers and the increase of the availability of working tools.

Without providing data on the levels of production to be achieved in the current crop year, the director explained that the improvement in this productivity is mainly due to the reduction of the cost of production, as well as the ease of producers to buy fertilizers in the market availability of improved seeds, mechanized preparation of land, correction of soils and increase of crop means, such as animal plows, hoes, machetes, among others.

With these agricultural inputs, he said, the necessary conditions are created to reach satisfactory levels in the production of various food products, aiming to accelerate the process of economic diversification in the country and the reduction of imports.

According to him, the country is currently self-sufficient in the production of some roots and several tubers such as potatoes and cassava.