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Cuanza Sul: Local production fair opens

Sun, 15 Sep 2019 12:49 - Updated Sun, 15 Sep 2019 12:57

Cuanza-Sul: André de Jesus Moda, secretary of State for Forests resources Photo: Joaquim Tomás

Sumbe - At least 150 exhibitors in the centre-west Cuanza Sul Province, from the areas of farming, fisheries, tourism, industry and services, are since last Friday showing their production potential at the first Fair of Local Production, happening in Sumbe City until 17th September.

The event happens in the ambit of the provincial government’s policies turned to the increase of productive activities such as agribusiness and fisheries, aimed at stimulating the transformation and capitalisation of each municipality’s potential.  

The event is also intended to stimulate self sufficiency in terms of the local output of certain products.

The secretary of State for Forests resources, André de Jesus Moda, who chaired the opening ceremony of the fair, explained that “a production fair constitutes a source of analysis for one to find out what is produced in the region, with the aim of creating a healthy business environment and promote the exchange of experiences”.   

He also stressed the necessity for the country to invest in the national production.

“We need to focus on the national production to guarantee food security, and generate wealth (...)”, he emphasised.