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Angola has National Data Protection Agency

Wed, 09 Oct 2019 13:14 - Updated Wed, 09 Oct 2019 13:14

Luanda - The Angolans citizens’ personal data become protected from now onwards, with the official launch of the National Database Protection Agency (APD), whose board members were sworn in on Tuesday, Oct 8.

The agency, which generated about 150 jobs, is located in the Angola Post Office building and will advise the government on the regulation, supervision and enforcement of data protection legal provisions, as well as within will be responsible for penalizing non-compliance.

To make the new structure work, the minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, José de Carvalho da Rocha,swore in the president of APD, Maria Jesus Correia, and the directors Paulo Pedro, Amaro Figueiredo and Walter Teixeira.

For non-executive directors, were sworn in Ana Fernandes, Maria Conceição and Constantino Zeferino.

Speaking to the press, on the sidelines of the event, the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, Maria Jesus Correia, said that she will supervise and control the actions of public and private institutions in relation to the treatment they give to personal data.

“We will monitor whether personal data collected are being used for the main purposes collected and see, based on oversight, whether institutions are working in compliance with the law,” he said.

In the inital phase, she said, it will be promoted actions of training, awareness, as well as techniques to measure if operators are acting in compliance with the data protection law.

Maria Jesus Correia informed that the Agency, while acting in a pedagogical manner, will also technically prepare to begin audits and inspections of the systems, in order to prove the real purpose of the data.

She clarified that the data to be protected are the ones to be delivered for some purpose.

“If the data were delivered, for example, to purchase a phone chip, that telephone/mobile company can never use that data to send advertising material without the permission of the owner, and may be in violation of customers rights,” she clarified.