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Angola Cables presents data storage application

Tue, 18 Feb 2020 12:57 - Updated Tue, 18 Feb 2020 12:57

Luanda - The Angolan multinational Angola Cables and the Select Services company are to present on Wednesday, in Luanda, a set of services aimed to answer the needs of firms and organizations for hosting their contents, services and systems in Angola.

With the availability of these services in the country, ends the necessity of payments abroad.  

According to a press release to which ANGOP had access last Monday, with this partnership, both companies intend to offer to Angolan market the “Alfa Cloud”, which is a technological solution viable for economic fragility period and difficulties in accessing foreign exchange to pay this kind of services abroad.

However, in addition to providing greater security, by allowing the accommodation of data locally, the proposed services might contribute to improve productivity and company’s innovation.

The services are related to three main solutions for any organization with the need for the digitalization of the operations, namely Cloud Computing, Document Management and Intranet.

The note states that it is an application easy to use that allows the organizations and companies to manage and access into registrations, statistics, internal registration procedures, contracts with providers and clients, real time operational documents.

This time reduction is possible because the contents stay in Angola at AngoNAP, eliminating the need for hosting data abroad with the usual payments foreign currency.

The service includes the digitalization and storage functioning of the documents, the same management application with separated access by level, fully drawn for the organizations with the need of physical archives.   

The Angola Cables is a multinational focused in Information Technologies Communication (ITC) sector with different connectivity solutions for the “wholesale” and “corporate” segments. 

Meanwhile, Select Services is an Angolan company focused on the creation and development of technological applications, web platforms and softwares that support the companies, universities and organizations to take advantage from the information technologies to improve their management projects, team, systems and process.