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Africell Holding SAL to become Angola's 4th telephony operator

Tue, 03 Mar 2020 10:29 - Updated Tue, 03 Mar 2020 10:44

Africell Holding SAL to become Angola's 4th telephony operator Photo: Angop

Luanda - The Lebanese Africell Holding SAL telecommunications Company has qualified to be licensed as the fourth telecommunications operator in Angola.

According to a press release of the government work group, Africell Holding SAL, in the next days, must present its technical and finance proposal.   

The press release of the group created by the ministers of Finance, Telecommunications and Information Technology and Economy and Planning states that the process is in the second phase of the tender for the Provision of Public Service for Electronic Communications.

On 30 September 2019 it was opened the application phase that ended on 22 January 2020. 

Right after the holding of the promotion and presentation sessions of the tender that took place in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Angola, three companies - namely the South African MTN, the Lebanese Africell Holding SAL and Angolan BAI Investimentos - acquired the right to take part in the tender, having Africell submitted its application through the electronic platform of the National Public Procurement Service.

In the tender preparatory phase the note states that it was analyzed and identified telecommunication operators with potential to take part in the tender, taking account the scope of their operations, volume of business, number of clients and international presence. With that were identified 12 entities with established operation in Africa, Asia, Europe and Meddle East.  

However, from the identified entities, there is highlight on companies such as Africell, Bharti Airtel, Maroc Telecom, MTN, Telkom South Africa, Orange and Vodafone.

The Evaluation Commission after having formally examined the application documents submitted by the candidate Africell Holding SAL, unanimously decided on its qualification and like that the entity was invited by the Contracting Public Entity to present its proposal.

Africell is an international player, with 18 years of activity in the telecommunications sector, providing to more than 12 million customers mobile phone, internet, subscription television and mobile money services, being present in four African countries namely Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Therefore, in the phase that starts now, the qualified candidate will have a reasonable time to submit its Technical and Financial Proposal which will be analysed and evaluated by the Evaluation Commission, considering the award criteria set out in the Specifications and the Terms of Reference.

The assignment to a new operator of the 4th Unified Global Title for the Provision of Public Service for Electronic Communications shall bring greater competition in the Angolan telecommunications sector, improving the quality of products, service and prices, bringing important contributions for economic growth and the improvement of citizens’ wellbeing.