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One-Stop Source to facilitate private investments

Sun, 21 Jun 2020 11:51 - Updated Sun, 21 Jun 2020 11:51

Luanda - The One-Stop Source for Investors (JUI), which is in its experimental stage to be able to kick off by September, will facilitate the execution of private investments in the country, said last Friday the chairman of the Agency for Private Investment and Promotion of Exports (Aipex), António da Silva.

If the platform is not associated with processes that require adjustments to the tool used for this purpose, its implementation will be immediate, justified the AIPEX boss at the work meeting on the functioning of the JUI.

What is intended with this platform, created by Presidential Decree No. 167/20 of 15 June, is to facilitate the approval of private investments, simplify access, efficiency in its performance, as well as achieving measurable results.

In the meeting with the representatives of all ministerial sectors, António da Silva explained that he aims to align the procedures for the operation of the JUI, the matter of licensing the activity, records and other authorizations inherent to the implementation of investment projects.

Asked about Shoprite's intention a year ago to export pineapple from Angola to South Africa, he replied that situations like this one and others could be resolved with the One-Stop Source for Investors (JUI).

The JUI is the investment facilitation mechanism, through which AIPEX concentrates all the operations inherent to making the investment in a simplified way with the conditions and deadlines provided for in the respective execution schedules.