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Bold entrepreneur produces 60 tons of tomatoes in Monte Belo

Sun, 20 Sep 2020 16:59 - Updated Sun, 20 Sep 2020 16:59

Benguela - At least sixty tons of tomatoes were harvested this month, for the first time and on an experimental basis, at Somarcampo farm, located in the municipality of Monte Belo, municipality of Bocoio, in Benguela, a traditionally pineapple producing region, said its owner, young entrepreneur Jamir Baptista.


According to the producer, who was speaking to Angop Saturday about the innovative idea of tomato production in a region where no one else does it on a large scale, allegedly due to climate issues (cold), he decided some time ago, on his own initiative, to break that myth and overcome the challenge.

Jamir Baptista confesses that, in fact, it was not very difficult, as expected.

"We decided to break the myth that Monte Belo is only a pineapple producing region. It is true that this region has great potential for the production of this fruit, but we thought it was possible to do something more, not least because we have a lot of resources, a lot of land, a lot of water all year round, and it would be a great waste just to limit ourselves to pineapple", he stressed.

To make the dream come true, the young entrepreneur started by bringing from another region (Dombe Grande/Baía Farta) the plants already in transplanting age. Placed in Monte Belo, in an initial space of five hectares, it was a positive experience and the results meet what was planned, he said.

The young farmer said that the next plantations would benefit from the drip irrigation system and there would certainly be even greater profitability, with the use of fertilisers in the same proportion per plant.

Another added value, he said, would be the use of a hybrid tomato variety, already planted in Monte Belo and which is adapting better to the climate.