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Angola has four seasons - researcher

Mon, 07 Oct 2019 18:30 - Updated Mon, 07 Oct 2019 18:41

Luanda - Angola has four seasons, contrary to what is believed that there are only two seasons (hot and cold weather ) in the country, said the agronomist Domingos dos Santos.

The expert has relied on three-year studies based on observations, interviews with peasants, hunters and fishermen from rural communities in the municipalities of Bembe, Uíge, Songo and Ambuíla in northern Uíge province.

In an interview with Jornal de Angola, published in its Friday, October 4, edition, Domingos dos Santos said to have come to this conclusion after hearing also geographers and biologists and using information released by the National Weather Forecast Institute (INAMET).

Domingos dos Santos strongly desputes the current consensus that points to the existence of only two climatic seasons in the country (hot and cold weather),  based only on the absence of rainfall.

“It seems to be inconsistent and very relative to fix such periods in Angola. The atmospheric precipitations occur every month, only their quantities vary ”, he justifies.

Domingos dos Santos also said to take into account other climate indicators and patterns associated with the socioeconomic and socio-cultural activities of the peoples.

He stated that the study of the seasons based on the knowledge of the peoples of above localities, combined with scientific data.

According to him, this allowed him to create a picture of the four seasons in Angola, whose names can be changed from region to region without influencing climate variations.

The expert announced the intention to publicise  his study in the main national languages to assist farmers, foresters, ranchers and other professionals, whose activities are linked to land and climate.

Also university professor, the expert said that the denomination and characterisation of each of Angola's four climate seasons are as follows in the Kikongo language:

KUNDE –  Refers to a period running from December until February.

KITOMBO – (March to May).

MBANGALA/SIVU – (June August)

MASSANZA –  (September to November)