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Angola addresses Slave Route project in AU

Wed, 13 Feb 2019 12:40 - Updated Wed, 13 Feb 2019 12:40

Museum of Slavery: an integral part of the Kwanza Corridor Photo: Antonio Escrivão

Addis Ababa - The Minister of Culture, Carolina Cerqueira, on Monday in Addis Ababa introduced the research project on the slave route in the Kwanza Corridor, whose exceptional historical and cultural value could grant the privilege of being classified as world heritage.

The presentation of the project took place during a meeting with heads of state and government, ministers, Diaspora representatives and guests of the 32nd Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union.

Carolina Cerqueira considered as transcendent the tribute of the present generations to the African ancestors who were victims of slavery and that it is of great importance to rescue, for the collective memory, the traces of Africa in the culture of other peoples in all corners of the world.

The Kwanza Corridor, from a cultural point of view, encompasses a set of assets such as forts, secular churches, among other infrastructures, including the historic city of Dondo.

Kenya's President Uhuru Kennyata said about  400th anniversary of the beginning of the transatlantic slavery process, which has moved more than 25 million Africans to the Americas and other parts of the world, will be marked this year with a number of cultural and academic activities through initiatives of universities, cultural centers and various associations in the diaspora.

The Heads of State present at the meeting recommended closer cultural and economic relations with the diaspora groups, associations and study centers for more dynamic collaboration, cooperation and investment in various fields and above all for greater opportunities for the majority of the African population.