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Kilamba Cultural Centre gets exhibition gallery

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 12:48 - Updated Mon, 20 Jan 2020 12:48

Kilamba Cultural Centre gains exhibition gallery

Photo: Miudo

Luanda - The KIlamba Recreational and Cultural Centre, in Luanda, will gain on Jan 25 an exhibition gallery named Gallery of Semba (Angolan popular music).

It is a space designed to illustrate the history of Semba, as a music genre, through an iconographic and sound collection, consisting of phonograms, photographs, album covers, letters, musical instruments of reference performers and other documents.

Galleria do Semba includes in its project, the creation of a Documentation and Information Centre that will host a wide cultural programme, with emphasis on small acoustic concerts, scheduled student visits, workshops and debates on creation, production , edition, promotion and distribution of discography and bibliographical titles about Semba.

According to the head of the Kilamba Cultural and Recreation Center, Estêvão Costa, who provided the information to ANGOP, it is also intended to insert the project in the tourist itinerary of Angola, making the history of Semba known to the general public, bringing together, in a single space, singers, composers and instrumentalists who contributed to the building of the history of Angolan Popular Music, in particular Semba.

The Semba Gallery, he said, aims to facilitate access to and enjoy the majority of the iconographic collection on the history of Semba, providing the dissemination of the main cultural references in the field of a musical genre that had its origin and development in the region of Luanda and the Kimbundu linguistic space.

Estêvão Costa said that Galeria do Semba will also serve to reinforce cultural and commercial exchange between cultural institutions and tourism agencies, providing a debate on contemporary musical creation in its relationship with the history of Angolan Popular Music.

“Semba is the substratum, the humus that defines, shapes and gives life to the gallery, through the exhibition of portraits and images of precursors, composers, interpreters, instrumentalists, dancers, as well as socio-cultural activities related to that musical genre. The environment sound of the physical space is filled with semba background music, as well as providing visitors with an audio booth for consultation and listening to musical themes of interest to the semba universe”, he reinforced.

He added that some of the main musical instruments with which Semba is played / performed / accompanied are also on display.