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Kanguimbo Ananaz launches new book

Mon, 17 Aug 2020 13:47 - Updated Mon, 17 Aug 2020 13:47

Writer Kanguimbo Ananaz presents new book Photo: NELSON MALAMBA

Luanda - "Seios e Ventres" (breasts and wombs in English) is the new literary work by the Angolan writer Kanguimbu Ananaz launched on Sunday, in Luanda.

The book – written in poetry genre, a style that characterizes the writer - portrays the figure of the woman, despite also touching on the masculine world.

Speaking to ANGOP, Kanguimbu Ananaz said she addresses such topic because she understands that the bosom is at the center of a woman's power, the only human being capable of breastfeeding the newly born to give the baby strength.

The writer went on to explain that she refers to Wombs,  because it conceives and generates life, after the elasticity it goes through for nine months.

To her, the woman is the center of the earth and the womb center of the Universe.

Poetess and a member of the Union of Angolan Writers, Kanguimbo Ananaz is a Psychologist, has a Master’s in Portuguese language literature and is also a university lecturer.

Born in the south-western province of Namibe, Kanguimbo Ananaz is the author of the books “Seios do Deser-to”, “O Avô Sabalo”, “Soba Kangueia e a palavra”, “As Férias de Yahula”,  “Pétalas Rasgadas” and “O Regresso de Kambongue”.