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Angolan musicians perform for deaf people

Mon, 07 Sep 2020 12:59 - Updated Mon, 07 Sep 2020 15:36

Luanda - Angolan singers Robertinho, Tata Ngana and the Acapaná band participate last Sunday, in Luanda, in a solidarity show in favour of the National Association of the Deaf People of Angola.

The performance was part of the "Live no Kubiko" project, organized by Angolan Public Television, in partnership with the portal Platina Line.

For approximately four hours, the artists performed musical rhythms from different regions of the country, namely Uíge (north) and Huila (south) provinces and together they took to the stage the music styles kilapanga, kizomba and other typical rhythms of Angolan folklore, on a day reserved to collect basic food  baskets for deaf citizens.

It was up to the group Acapaná, from the southern Huíla Province , to open the performance with three musical themes.

The band - with more than 30 years of existence, under the command of Acácio Bambe - paraded during their exhibition themes such as “Kumbi Ndjenda”, “Etu Mutualinga”, “Mulher Kitandeira”, “Akululu”, “Omelengue”, “ Vondjo Vondjo "," Tchiungue "," Elambe-Kambandi ", among other references.

Focusing on kilapanga, semba, kizomba styles, the music folklore of the northern part of the country was put on display by Tata Ngana and Robertinho, the latter also showing his bolero style songs. The guest artists provided an afternoon of emotions.

Robertinho sang themes such as "Joana", "Sessa", "Ngongo", "Kalamaxinde", "Desespero", "Samba Samba / Massoxi".

With the accompaniment of Movimento band, Robertinho also took from his repertoire the hit songs “Ngaxixima”, “Kiowa” and “Ka 500”.

Tata Ngana, on the other hand, who opened his performance with the song “Mbele”, showed on stage, in addition to singing, his dancing skills.

He counted, in some moments of the stage performance, on the company of Virgílio Fire, with whom he sang "Kazukuta Dança", and also Linda (a vocalist of the Versatéis band) in the themes "Ntchaku" and "Delfina".

Owner of a vast repertoire, Tata Ngana also interpreted “Mwaneto“ ,, “Lonhu”, “Nluta”, “Maxita”, “Linda” and “Delfina“, music that served to close the day, broadcast live on public television (TPA 1) and on social media through the Platine Line platform.