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Malanje: APN starts demining in Luquembo

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 16:35 - Updated Mon, 12 Jun 2017 16:35

Luquembo - Norwegian People's Aid (APN) started Saturday demining operation on the bridge over the Jombo River in the municipality of Luquembo, northern province of Malanje, said Monday the official in charge of the Organisation.

According to Francisco Nunda, the objective is to keep the zone free of mines planted during the armed conflict and ensure the free movement of people and goods.

So far, he explained, five anti-personnel mines have been removed.

Nunda stressed that the cleaning operation along the bridge over the Jombo River will allow socio-economic development.

He added that the process will enable the local residents to perform safely their trade activity.

Thirty sappers are involved in three-month work.

The municipality of Luquembo has a population estimated at 56,000 inhabitants, distributed in the communes of Dombo-Wazanga, Rimba, Capunda, Quimbango, Cunga Palanca and the municipal headquarters.