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Angolan president wants increased domestic production

Fri, 29 May 2020 14:57 - Updated Sat, 30 May 2020 12:06

Luanda - Angolan head of State, João Lourenço, Friday defended the increase of the domestic production to counter the effects of the covid-19 on the country?s economy and the rise of employment.

Speaking at the meeting with representatives of the civil society, João Lourenço said the strategy aims to increase the level of employment and family income.

The meeting aims to exchange ideas on what could be done in the future taking into account the impact of the covid-19 on the Angolan economy and the living condition of the families.

João Lourenço also considered fundamental the concentration of knowledge and experience in accelerating the implementation of PRODESI, the National Production, Export Diversification and Import Substitution Programme, which aims, among other aspects, to boost the national economy.

The Angolan Head of State stressed the need to work towards food self-sufficiency, with the production of basic goods of greater consumption, adding that incentives should be given to businessmen and women who invest in local production.

"For them, let the remaining barriers be removed, so that they have priority to access to credit and foreign exchange, to import the machinery and raw materials they need," the president said.