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Defence minister highlights FAA readiness in Northern Region

Sun, 12 Jul 2020 12:04 - Updated Sun, 12 Jul 2020 12:03

Uíge - The minister of Defence, Former Combatants and Veterans of the Homeland, João Ernesto dos Santos "Liberdade", Saturday highlighted the readiness of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), assigned to the Northern Military Region, in the fulfilment of missions and tasks assigned by the top of the chain of command.

"I make a very positive assessment because the Command of the Northern Military Region (RMN) and the military bases that compose it have been fulfilling the missions and tasks assigned to it", said the minister in the end of the three-day visit he made to this military region, located in Uige Province.

The Northern Military Region is made up of five provinces, namely Uige (Headquarters), Malange, Bengo, Cuanza-Norte and Zaire).

João Ernesto dos Santos “Liberdade” admitted to having noticed problems related to the lack of transportation in the military bases , but guaranteed that those concerns will be solved with the support of the government .

"There are some problems that need attention and an urgent decision from the top hierarchy that oversees National Defence", acknowledged the government official.

Regarding the Cabinda Military Region, the minister assured that the situation is calm at the moment, since the FAA's top command has been taking maintenance measures at the border, thus avoiding border violations and instability.

He also highlighted the good pace of physical and financial execution of the construction works for the model barracks, in the municipality of Negage, and other facilities at the headquarters of the Northern Military Region, in the city of Uíge.

He also praised the rehabilitation works of some infrastructures at the Negage aerodrome, under the command of the National Air Force, with a view to improving the conditions of its personnel.

He announced the elaboration, in the coming years, of a programme that aims at the partial recovery of that military aerodrome in order to make it return to its original role, as it happened in the past.

The minister of Defense also visited several branches of the RMN, in the city of Uíge, the 22nd Infantry Brigade, in the municipality of Maquela do Zombo, and checked the construction works for the model barracks in Negage.