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Joana Lina assesses MPLA basic structures functioning

Mon, 14 Sep 2020 10:49 - Updated Mon, 14 Sep 2020 10:49

MPLA Provincial Secretary in Luanda, Joana Lina Photo: Cedida

Luanda - The first secretary of MPLA in Luanda, Joana Lina, Saturday checked the functioning of the party's action committees in the municipality of Viana

The field journey of the head of the ruling party in Luanda began at the Municipal Committee, where she held a brief meeting with leaders and activists of this political organisation.

Then, Joana Lina visited the Action Committee 430, in the lower Cassanje district of Estalagem.

The activity, as part of the programme "M in movement", was extended to the basic structures, 230 and 434 (Estalagem District), 186 and 140 (Viana Sede), 289 and 291 (Baia District).

The lack of drinking water, electricity, schools, health centres, ravine threats were, among others, the concerns presented by the militants of the localities where she wente through.

On that occasion, Joana Lina advised the population to give priority to preventive care against Covid-19.

She recommended that young people respect the calls of the health authorities, warning them to refrain from parties and other recreational activities where a considerable number of people are present.