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Police foil unauthorised demonstration in Luanda

Sat, 24 Oct 2020 21:50 - Updated Sat, 24 Oct 2020 21:53

A demonstration in Luanda Photo: Clemente

Luanda - Angola's National Police have foiled Saturday a demonstration the authorities did not authorise, on account of the Covid-19 prevention and combat measures in force in the country.



The Presidential Decree in force in the country since 00:00 hour of Saturday (24), which updates the Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19 preventive measures, bans assembling of people in public.

A few dozens of people, incited by civil society activists and members of the main Unita opposition party, took to the streets to protest against the authorities’ not   setting a date for the holding of local power elections, shortage of jobs and poor living conditions.

The organisers of the demonstration had on Wednesday been notified by the Luanda government not to stage the march, on account of the temporary measures of exception in force since October 9, and updated from 00.00 hour  of Saturday (October 24).

In its note, the Luanda government also reminded the organisers about the need for their petition for demonstration to be undersigned by at least five promoters, with their full identification, containing profession and dwelling.

The demonstration attempt was marked by acts of confrontation with the police, throwing of stones and other objects, destruction of public property, barricades and tire burning, leading to injuries and detentions.

ANGOP learned on the spot that the demonstrators attempted to cut road traffic on Deolinda Rodrigues avenue and set some other nearby roads alight, to respond to barriers put up by the National Police.

Firemen were summoned to put out the street fires.

A large number of demonstrators wore no masks whatsoever, while many others had them inappropriately on and would not observe recommended distancing.

ANGOP also learned that the police will soon come up with an official announcement on the development.

Due to reining insecurity on the spot, ANGOP could not have a comment from the organisers of the demonstration.