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Master plans halt illegal land grabbing

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 17:52 - Updated Thu, 01 Mar 2018 17:52

2nd Methodological Meeting of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Housing

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Caxito - Angola's minister of Spatial Planning and Housing Ana Paula de Carvalho said Thursday that adoption of Master Plans and land planning across the country help end the illegal occupation of land and uncontrolled and clandestine construction.

The minister backed the initiative while addressing the opening of the 2nd Methodological meeting of the sector, held in Caxito, northern Bengo province.

Ana Paula de Carvalho spoke of the need to pay special attention to the specific characteristics of each region.

She said that focus on specific characteristics can make it much easier to address problems related to the construction of infrastructures and housing.

The official said the initiative will help reduce burdens and facilitate their harmonious integration into the environment.

The minister spoke of Land policy that must become a leading aspect of the action to ensue effective combat the speculation in the sale or transfer of land, and facilitate the normal procedure of the acquisition of land, under the technical point of view.

She said that the administrative decentralisation and reform of administrative procedures, as well as the strengthening of the institutions, will make the Municipal State Administration an excellent  providing service unit.

The State should continue to take over its responsibilities and play its guiding, revitalising and regulatory role, which is to prioritise the solution of the housing problem of the most vulnerable groups.

The minister also said that in the housing sector the provision of housing should be widely expanded and diversified to meet everybody's demand, including for the low-income people.

Chaired by incumbent minister, the meeting aims at finding ways to implementing programmes and projects linked to the sector.