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Covid-19: Over 30 suspected cases detected in Cuanza Norte

Thu, 09 Jul 2020 20:35 - Updated Thu, 09 Jul 2020 20:34

Cuanza Norte Health Office director, Maria Filomena Wilson

Photo: Pedro Parente

Ndalatando - Thirty nine suspected cases of covid-19 have been detected in the last two days in the municipality of Cazengo, northern Cuanza Norte province, Angop learned Thursday in Luanda.

Speaking to journalists, the director of the Provincial Health Office, Maria Filomena Wilson, said the cases were detected as a result of 856 rapid tests, as part of the effort against the pandemic.

The official said the suspected cases will be sent to Luanda referral laboratories for confirmation, and the suspected cases, all asymptomatic, will remain in home quarantine under medical surveillance.

According to Maria Filomena Wilson, Cuanza Norte has been supplied with one thousand rapid texts and more will be arriving soon for mass check-ups in the communities.

She also said the province has so far reported 16 positive cases of covid-19, as a result of 2.191 specimens submitted to Luanda laboratories.

Of the 16 positive cases, five were transferred to Luanda for treatment and 11 are being treated locally, Maria Wilson also said.

Cazengo municipality in Cuanza Norte province, about 200 kilometres of Luanda, is second to the capital in covid-19 infections and has therefore been lockdown by the authorities.