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Over 2,000 people return to Zaire province

Tue, 14 Apr 2020 08:48 - Updated Mon, 13 Apr 2020 20:27

Mbanza Kongo- At least 2,582 national citizens who were held in Luanda, under the State of Emergency, returned to the province of Zaire in the last 48 hours (Saturday and Sunday).

The return of these citizens, among men, women and children, is part of the temporary lift of the provincial health fence to facilitate the return of citizens to their areas of residence.

According to a report by the National Police, these citizens went to the municipalities of Mbanza Kongo, Soyo, Cuimba, Nzeto, Tomboco and Nóqui.

In the same period, according to the source, 940 citizens who were stranded in Zaire during the first phase of the State of Emergency have  returned home, with emphasis to the country's capital, Luanda.

It adds that during the departure and return of these citizens, some measures were observed at the checkpoints, such as temperature measurement, registration of the passenger's destination, as well as the presentation of a national identity document.