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Rain in Luanda causes 11 deaths, 13 missing

Sun, 19 Apr 2020 12:46 - Updated Sun, 19 Apr 2020 13:36

Luanda - Eleven deaths and 13 missing persons is the provisional assessment of the intense rain that fell during the dawn and part of the Saturday morning in Luanda, the Provincial Civil Protection Commission informed on Sunday.

According to the provisional assessment report of the Provincial Civil Protection Commission, among the dead are three children.

As a consequence of the rain, at least 113 families in the Municipality of Talatona are homeless, due to the destruction of their homes, built in a water line.

Hundreds of homes were flooded in several districts of  Luanda Province.

Following a tour of certain parts of the province, ANGOP found out that the situation is critical for families living in areas like Cantintom, Salinas and Vila Pacifica.

In Talatona District, water overflowed the Cambamba river bed and flooded the “Ponte Molhada” viaduct, thus making road traffic difficult.
The rain, accompanied by strong winds, caused the fall of trees, with damage to vehicles that were parked, mainly in downtown Luanda, in the urban districts of Mainga and Ingombota, as well as the destruction of construction sites fences and advertising panels.

According to the Meteorology Institute, there is forecast of rain for the region of Luanda and the surrounding area in the coming days, with the sky being cloudy, alternating with periods of very cloudy sky, as well as strong winds and thunderstorms.