Quarta, 25 de Novembro de 2020
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PIIM provides 168 job opportunities in Bengo

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 13:52 - Updated Mon, 15 Jun 2020 13:52

Caxito - The implementation of the Integrated Programme for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM), in the northern Bengo Province, allowed the creation of 168 new jobs, within the scope of the execution of 27 social projects in the municipalities.

According to data that was made available by the Provincial Government, in the municipality of Nambuangongo 100 young people got jobs in construction companies, while in Ambriz 38, Bula Atumba with 20 and Pango Aluquém, 10 were employed.

The new jobs, filled by local young people, mostly students, are linked to the areas of metalwork, carpentry, gardening, electricity, carpentry and construction.

The number of jobs may increase in the coming days, when more works are expected to start.

The general programme budgeted at AKZ 32.1 billion

(roughly US $53.6 million) foresees the execution of 60 projects, 50 of which are provincial and 10 are of central initiative.

There are 27 works in progress for the rehabilitation, expansion, construction and equipping of schools and health centres in six municipalities.

Of the 50 reserved for local administrations, 23 are approved, representing 46% of the planned projects.

PIIM will increase the number of beds in the health units by 284, while in education it is expected to build 137 new classrooms (12 thousand and 330 students).

In the energy and water sector, 49 864 inhabitants are expected to benefit, while the road project contemplates the earthworks of 1,760 kilometres.

To public official João Raul, the implementation of PIIM will help to improve the lives of needy families, with the rehabilitation of health centres, an increase in the number of schools and, mainly, the improvement of communication routes.

“It is an opportunity to give a new dynamic in the process of reconstructing the municipalities that are in great need and have been forgotten over the years”, he reinforced.

With an extension of 33,016 square kilometres, Bengo Province is located on the north-western coast of Angola and borders the provinces of Uíje, Zaire, Cuanza Norte, Luanda and the Atlantic Ocean.

Bengo province is the closest to the country's political, administrative and business centre.

This geographical proximity to Luanda is of a vast and diversified market, giving potential investors particular conditions of attractiveness and relocation of activities given the congestion and saturation of the country's capital.