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ANGOP bets on multimedia content

Tue, 07 Jul 2020 13:52 - Updated Tue, 07 Jul 2020 16:26

ANGOP CEO, Josué Isaías Photo: Pedro Parente

Luanda - The ANGOP's CEO, Josué Isaías, on Tuesday said that the agency has a strategy based on massive training of journalists and technicians, in order to provide them with solid knowledge to use the tools that will be made available to them.

Speaking at the launch of the new logo and re-inauguration of the National and International departments, Isaias said that the idea is to enable the staff to produce diverse range of multimedia products, which will be available to traditional and potential new customers through a new portal to be launched soon.

"The future of the world's news agencies is multimedia and, for ANGOP, this represents a long and not easy path to follow. However, ignoring it will be worse for our agency, and it would be fatal for it to remain in its current traditional state", the CEO said.

The ANGOP’s CEO also stressed that the initiative to launch a new logo is linked to the need the news agency has to adapt to the marketing strategies to be adopted in the face of the current challenges.

"This is the effort of restructuring and reorganization of ANGOP that the Board of Directors is carrying out, whose actions go through a process of improvement of the working, remuneration and social conditions of the workers and the revitalization of the journalistic production", Isaias said.

In this way, added the CEO, in the framework of the improvement of the working, remuneration and social conditions of the workers, a readjustment of salaries has already been made, an occupational qualifier has been drawn up, health insurance has been granted and an insurance for accidents at work and professional illnesses has also been established, extending to all workers in the headquarters and in the provinces.

The ANGOP CEO also highlighted the works carried out in its Social Centre, which profoundly changed its configuration, during which the kitchen, bar, self and kitchen workers attended specific courses that has produced improvements in the work performance and providing greater dignity to the workers.