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Covid-19: Youths raise awareness among Lobito residents

Fri, 04 Sep 2020 10:04 - Updated Fri, 04 Sep 2020 10:04

COVID-19 symbol

Photo: Divulgação

Lobito - Forty-seven young people controlled by the Municipal Council of Youth of Lobito, centre-west Benguela Province, last Thursday sensitized citizens about the correct use of face masks, due to the bad behaviour of some offenders.

Following the successive arrests of young people, made by the police in the last few days, one of the council leaders, Elias Póio, informed that this campaign aims to moralize society in order to strictly follow the bio-safety rules to fight Covid-19.

"We have seen several young people with masks on their chins or hands, not caring about social distancing, correcting only when somebody calls their attention regarding the issue", underlined the young man.

According to him, it is better to pay a face mask that costs up to 700kz ($1, 13 equivalent) or a handmade mask up to 150kz ($0, 24 equivalent), than to wait several hours, inside the yard of the police stations, for the proof of payment of the 5,000kz ($8 equivalent) of the fine, for not complying with the established rules.

As a strategy for action, the council was divided into some areas with a greater concentration of people.

In addition to the delivery of 60 masks, he pointed out, the organization distributed about 600 flyers that illustrate the correct application of the facial mask.

The Municipal Youth Council is already deploying fixed brigades to continue this voluntary social work in three neighbourhoods.

The Municipal Youth Council has existed in Lobito since 10 June this year. It is a supervisory body for all youth associations and works with the social area of ​​the municipal administration, where it presents its reports on the activities undertaken.