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Governor repudiates disobedience in Luanda

Sun, 25 Oct 2020 11:23 - Updated Sun, 25 Oct 2020 11:23

Joana Lina, Governadora de Luanda Photo: Gaspar dos Santos

Luanda - Luanda governor, Joana Lina, repudiated last Saturday the acts of disobedience against the authorities carried out by some citizens, during a demonstration organized by the civil society.

Speaking to the press, the official said that the demonstration did not cause fatalities, but resulted in material damage yet to be quantified.

The demonstration, frustrated by the National Police, did not receive the backing of the authorities due to the restrictive measures set in place to prevent and combat the pandemic of Covid-19.

According to the new Presidential Decree on the Situation of Public Calamity, in force since Saturday, gatherings of any kind involving more than five people are not allowed on public road , to prevent the spread of Covid 19 infections.

However, hundreds of citizens, encouraged by civil society activists and members of the opposition UNITA party tried to protest against the non-indication of a date for local elections, the lack of jobs, as well as to demand better social conditions.

The attempted demonstration was marked by acts of confrontation with police forces, including the throwing of stones and other objects, vandalizing public goods, barriers on the roads and burning of tyres, by the demonstrators, resulting in an undetermined number of injured and detained persons.

According to the governor of Luanda, in addition to the damage caused and the constraints to traffic, the protesters disrespected the guidelines contained in the Presidential Decree.

Despite being a right enshrined in the Constitution, Joana Lina appealed to the common sense of society, in order to avoid crowds on the public road, to prevent contamination.

"It is a violation of the measures imposed by the Government, whose objective is to protect the lives of citizens. We must understand that it is a lethal and rapidly transmitted disease. Therefore, all caution is necessary ", she said.

According to the governor, this is not the will of the Angolan Government, but rather a WHO guideline. "This is not about impeding or limiting fundamental rights. The government is just protecting human life," she stressed.