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INAVIC requests TAP to comply with passengers' rights

Sat, 15 Aug 2020 12:17 - Updated Sat, 15 Aug 2020 12:17

Logotype of INAVIC - National Institute of Civil Aviation Photo: Divulgação

Luanda - The National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAVIC) requested on Friday the TAP airline - Air Portugal to safeguard the rights of authorized passengers, as they purchased their tickets from it.


In a statement made public, INAVIC vehemently repudiates TAP, for having deceitfully informed passengers with permission to enter Angolan territory issued by the Multisectoral Commission for the Prevention and Combat of Pandemic COVID-19, refusing to board them on the different flights, alleging lack of authorization from this National Institute.

This information, according to INAVIC, does not correspond to the truth.

The INAVIC recalls in the document that Angola has closed its borders, under the State of  Calamity decreed by the Angolan Government, allowing only humanitarian flights for repatriation.

In light of the various complaints received, INAVIC says it was obliged to send the protest note to TAP, which under humanitarian flights has carried out flights of commercial nature.

"It is not acceptable for TAP to use the good name of INAVIC as a justification for the failures that have occurred in the management and scheduling of flights authorised through diplomatic channels, and even less to justify this procedure in view of the publication in the Official Gazette of Presidential Decree 212/20 of 7 August, which only updated the measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, which is in force during the State of Calamity", reads the document.