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Covid-19: Public transport increases capacity to 75 percent

Wed, 09 Sep 2020 13:46 - Updated Wed, 09 Sep 2020 13:46

Urban Bus fleet Photo: Gaspar dos Santos

Luanda - Ministry of Transport announced Tuesday plans to raise its urban transportation capacity from the current 50 to 75 percent in Luanda province, starting from October.

The decision was announced by the incumbent minister Ricardo de Abreu who stated that the move comes to respond to the demand ahead of the class resumption in higher education and the second cycle of secondary education in October.

Speaking at a press conference to update the rules of the Presidential Decree that declares the Situation of Public Calamity in Angola due to covid-19, Ricardo de Abreu, stressed that the raise to 75 percent aims to respond to the demand for this service by users.

So far, both public and private passenger transports are limited to a maximum capacity of 50 percent, aiming to cut the chain of transmission of the virus.

He also announced the government plans to provide more means of transports to the provincial governments to increase the offer of the service.

According to the minister, the province of Luanda will benefit from 153 new buses, while the other provinces with 160 passenger transport vehicles.