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Tourism should serve as attraction to reap financial revenues

Tue, 15 May 2018 11:27 - Updated Tue, 15 May 2018 11:22

Menongue - The Governor of the southern Cuando Cubango province, Pedro Mutindi, pointed out on Monday in Menongue, the tourism sector as one of the attractions of reaping financial revenues.

Pedro Mutindi, who was welcoming the delegation of more than 100 South African tourists visiting the province since Sunday, highlighted the Okavango Basin Development Park, as well as the Okavango- Zambezi as main attractions of the province.

The governor stated that achieving such a goal requires hard work, cultivating attitudes that respect ecological, social and economic sustainability, making sure that such actions meet the needs of current generations without, however, harming or jeopardizing generations to come.

According to the official, the visit of South African tourists, called the friendship caravan, will help the two peoples to get to know each other better and write a new page in the history of the two countries, with the seal of peace, fraternity, unity and brotherhood between the two peoples and southern Africa, in particular.

He noted that South African tourists are expected to be able to see, hear and be seen as investors in the most varied areas of development, as the province is rich in seveal resources.

To him, the meetings in peacetime serve to consolidate the existing ties and, above all, to seek mechanisms and opportunities that contribute to the establishment of economic, tourist and commercial partnerships.

In addition to the Okavango Basin Development Zone and the Okavango-Zambezi border conservation area project, there are also other tourist sites in the province, such as the Cuito Cuanavale Battle Memorial, the Missombo (Menongue) , the Menongue Fortress, the Cuito and Cubango rivers (abundant in animal species, besides being navigatable), among others.