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Angola: Mass Media involved in promoting tourism in Angola

Mon, 23 Jul 2018 11:26 - Updated Mon, 23 Jul 2018 11:26

Namibe: Partial view of the Leba mountain range in Namibe province

Photo: Rosario dos Santos

Luanda - The Angolan Mass Media minister, João Melo, assured last Saturday night in Luanda that his sector will work in partnership with tourism in order to develop the sector in the framework of the growth of the economy of Angola.

"It is with a profound sense of responsibility that media public companies are doing their part since as public companies they have increased responsibilities as agents promoting the multi-phase development of our country," said João Melo.

The cabinet official who participated in the gala of promotion and fundraising for the segment of the second season of the television programme "Viajar Angola".

This is an initiative of the Public Television of Angola and the Association of Hotels and Resorts of Angola (AHRA).

The official also said that the Executive has made a commitment to "work at full speed" to solve the country's various problems.

One of the objectives of the change of public media programmes is to contribute to the dissemination of initiatives that promote the national economy, according to the minister.

"The role of Public Television in Angola, for example, is to establish partnerships like these, and other similar ones, and not to promote shows and fanciful initiatives of divas," said minister João Melo.