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Angola Focus - 81.846,00 Akz (490,00 USD)

In-depth account of relevant current events on the country. Of its own production, the service focuses on national economic and political developments. Exclusive articles for subscribers.

Image Bank - 62.959,00 Akz (377,00 USD)

For fifty photos monthly. This enables access to Angop’s image collection gathered from around the country. It enables the download of selected images.

Diplomat Newsletter - 6.295,00 (37,00 USD)

E-mailed overview of the main current events on Angola.

Press Review - 6.295,00 (37,00 USD)

Overview of Angola’s current economic and financial issues, including specialists’ reviews and research.

Daily Agenda - 130.954,00 Akz (784,00)

First-hand and privileged access to scheduled day-to-day key events on Angola and world.

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